Canada's Tyrannosaurus Rex is the largest in the world

Canada's Tyrannosaurus Rex is the largest in the world

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Paleontologists from the University of Alberta (Canada) have reported that the Tyrannosaurus skeleton found in Canada in 1991 corresponds to the World's Largest Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Nicknamed "Scotty"For a bottle of whiskey that investigators opened to celebrate the night they discovered it,"is the Rex of Rexes”Said Scott Persons, lead author of the study in which he was mentioned, and a postdoctoral researcher in the University's Department of Biological Sciences.

“There is considerable size variability among tyrannosaurs. Some were small, and some were very robust, and this is what "Scotty" exemplifies.

The size of the bones in its hind legs suggest that This Tyrannosaurus weighed over 8,800 kilos and was 13 meters long.

The study of its bones also determined that this Tyrannosaurus rex died at age 30 and was very violent when many wounds and scars were found on its bones, including broken ribs, infected jaw and what can be the bite of another T-Rex on its tail.

With this study, it is confirmed that This Tyrannosaurus was the largest land predator known to science.

In May of this year, Scotty will be exhibited at the Saskatchewan Museum.

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