A sarcophagus with two mummies from the Ptolemaic era found in Egypt

A sarcophagus with two mummies from the Ptolemaic era found in Egypt

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During excavations at the Quweisna quarries in Menoufiya, Egypt, archaeologists found a limestone sarcophagus containing two mummies.

Mostafa Waziri, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explained that the sarcophagus is two meters high and 60 cm wide, and is in good condition. Inside they found two mummies, one on top of the other, which they were in poor condition.

Both the sarcophagus and the mummies were sent to the Kafr El-Sheikh storage gallery.

Clay pots, amphorae, plates, amulets and beetles carved in gold and earthenware were also found at the site, along with bronze coins of the ptolemaic era.

In addition, they found three statuettes representing three of the four sons of Horus, which were damaged.

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