Roman tombstones found in excavations in Austria

Roman tombstones found in excavations in Austria

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A report from the municipality of St. Pölten, Austria, indicates that during excavations in the city center they found two fragments of Roman tombstones at the site, weighing almost 500 kg.

The first fragment shows “reliefs that are particularly magnificent. In the text field where it is read VINDILLIVS framed by two spiral fluted columns, you can see two birds with a garland ", explains the report.

The second fragment for its part, formed the bottom of another monument, where the three-line inscription would also be framed by columns.

In both cases, the tombstones correspond to people of the Roman provincial population and were not Roman citizens; although they did have sufficient means to pay for high-quality headstones.

Excavations in the Karmeliterhof grounds They have been carried out since August 2017, before starting the construction of a residential project.

These headstones They were found last March, during the discovery of a fill in an old trench.

This trench was the defense moat for the Roman settlement of Aelium CetiumIt was probably built in the 4th century, when several new buildings were erected in the center and the city experienced a boom.

The moat lost its function in the course of the 5th century.

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