Book ‘Living matter, thinking life’, by Eudald Carbonell and Jordi Agustí

Book ‘Living matter, thinking life’, by Eudald Carbonell and Jordi Agustí

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‘Living matter, thinking life. Evolution and prospective of human consciousness', by archaeologist Eudald Carbonell and researcher Jordi Agustí, is a essay on the evolution of life, our species and the challenges of the future.

This work is also introduced to the theme of the ecological crisis and the survival of humanity.

Consolidation of species consciousness

This book explains, in the first part, the history of living matter, that is, when this first subject was born and how it evolves, and in the second, the subject of evolution of hominids to the present, including the challenges of the future, such as avoiding the collapse of the species or the movement of transhumanization.

“Our interest in the human being has led us to develop a series of works and approaches that allow us to define what humanity is and how it evolves within the framework of planetary ecology. Above all, we are interested in knowing how hominization and humanization complement each other in this evolutionary process to generate consciousness in our gender. A conscience of a species that, once emerged, must be consolidated in order to bear the fruits that we need as humanity. "

Fragments of the book

«What now makes us human as a species is the obsession with knowing and the need to think about what we know. It is in this equation that humanity will be exponentially humanized in the future, to dehumanize and change its evolutionary phase, being able to modify itself somatically and exosomatically. in this way, transhumanization is probably a destiny of the genus Homo. Past and present are space-time constructions in which the realities that allow us to evolve, also to regress, are contained when practices fatally defy the laws and we have no alternatives to modify them anthropically. »

Evolution is something that we still do not fully understand, although we already understand some of its basic mechanisms; from our perspective, still few. We assume that this is the objective: to advance in knowing what we are in an essential way and how this essentiality has been built. »

«The scientific-technical revolution has called into question both the economic systems and the social structure of Homo sapiens on the planet. It has sharpened the contradiction between our primate biology and our human intelligence to unknown heights. Thus, the collapse occurs as a consequence of this situation that our primate brain still cannot manage. After him, in the 21st century, it is possible that the doors will open to a more transcendent humanity, which builds through operational consciousness, and does not get carried away by its animal ethology, more or less adapted to its technological conditions and to scientific knowledge. "

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